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Craft roasters since 1973.


An adventure in flavour.

Proud winners of Roast Magazine’s

2018 Roaster of the Year Award

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A family venture

Pouring generations of passion and experience into your cup.


Dedicated to detail

An exquisite flavour experience produced with authentic craftsmanship.


Teamwork – perfected

Mastering coffee’s subtle nuances through the relationships that guide our materials on their worldwide journey.


Inspiring knowledge

Educating our audience on the delicate details of our craft with recognized training programs and prideful customer service.


Shared endeavours

Helping your business prosper with proven products and services.

Oughtred Crest

Indulge in decadence.

Notch Coffee

Explore your tastes.

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Fostering the growth and awareness of specialty coffee through education, customer service, relationships and sustainability.