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Café Services

Our journey in coffee has spanned many decades and continents, each providing us new experiences, relationships, and opportunities to exchange stories over a cup of coffee, game of “sappo” or, if lucky, a taste of Zacappa.

Now, we share our wealth of knowledge by creating immersive specialty coffee shop environments for our specialty coffee shop clients. Using optimized hardware solutions, the finest quality materials, menu development, and world-class training programs, our specialty coffee shop programs are set for success right from opening day. 

Green Sales

“Why would we ever consider selling our competitors the very product that helps define our competitive advantage?”

Uttered by our founder in 2004, this statement forced us to question and discuss the industry status quo of exclusivity. Although our transformation wouldn’t be fully recognized for another 12 years, the seeds of change were planted.

Oughtred’s efforts in source countries allow us to connect smaller roasters with the finest greens and growing regions around the world. Our green sales are designed to distribute the finest source materials to our partners, streamlining our years of experience and knowledge into one accessible program.

Private Label

Since the mid 1980’s, the Oughtred Roasting Works has been recruited by some of the Pacific Northwest’s most recognized brands to perform Private Label roasting and procurement services.

Our Private Label service has a wide range of options to meet the needs of charity organizations, community groups, hotels, restaurants, and many other partner types looking for custom branded coffee. 

We’re humbled to be able to share some of the world’s most prestigious roasting awards with companies who rely on our Private Label services for continued success and growth.

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Oughtred Coffee & Tea are recognized resellers for the following brands.



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As a company with quality and service at its core, Oughtred Coffee & Tea have created distinguished coffee programs for our restaurant partners since 1973.

Whether you’re looking to implement a simple yet elegant Immersion Coffee Program at your local restaurant, or a chain looking to serve delicious coffee from restaurant to the next, our Food Service Program is designed with a personalized approach for every client. 


There’s something nostalgic about coffee that stirs senses and emotions – it’s a social commodity that relies on a human touch.

We proudly supply many hotels and resorts to ensure your guests are greeted with the highest standard of quality. We’re committed to exceeding the expecations of everyone we work with, including your guests.

Give your clients a warm, wholesome welcome with a cup of Oughtred coffee.

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