Dedicated to detail

Indulgent flavours and worldly attributes crafted into an exquisite cup of coffee.


We believe that drawing out the subtle nuances in coffee requires working closely with each partner in the supply chain. It’s our passion to uncover the most expressive and flavourful coffee from around the world, curating the important relationships needed to deliver this experience along the way.

“It takes a worldwide community to brew a cup of Oughtred coffee.”

Michael Oughtred


We use industry-leading roasting technologies to ensure our customers the highest caliber of product.

Loring Smart Roasters are widely regarded as one of the most efficient, technically advanced roasting systems found anywhere in the world. We loved them so much, we purchased two! For everything else, we use Cropster – a software that seamlessly handles the blending of our flavour profiles and inventory management.

With the help of these systems our roasting team stays in complete control, making every batch consistently delicious.

Quality Control

We take pride in our beans and believe in delivering a reliable product. Our rigorous quality control process is involved for each step of our coffee’s journey from seed to cup. We make sure the greens meet our standards right from origin, all the way through roasting, with help from our partners, craft roasters and Cropster system.

Oughtred Crest

Indulge in decadence.

Notch Coffee

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