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We strive to be industry leaders in education by sharing the knowledge of our passion with recognized training programs and prideful customer engagement.

Oughtred’s exceptional coffees are the result of our long journey of discovery, partnership, and attention to detail. The quest for quality has taken us across many continents, roasting works, cupping labs, coffee bars, milling operations, farms, and board rooms, where we’ve exchanged countless stories over a cup of coffee.

Immersed in the continued growth and sophistication of the specialty coffee market for nearly 50 years, we’re proud to help push our industry to new limits.


Educational values are foundational to our organization. Our passion sets us apart, and we hope to pass that on to current and future coffee lovers around the world.

We’ve garnered several decades of cumulative coffee knowledge and make it a priority to impart as much of it as possible through initiatives available to consumers and industry professionals alike.

We provide public education sessions at our roasting works, wholesale client consultations, and SCA Certified professional development courses available at our soon-to-be SCA Certified campus facility and via satellite campuses in Western Canada.

Every Friday we have open cuppings for guests to join, led by one of our two active Q graders, to further educate our customers and keep our coffee team caffeinated. We follow the SCA format for all of our coffee’s scoring and grading.

Foundations of Coffee

Barista Pathway

Coffee Buyer Pathway

Coffee Taster Pathway

Roaster Pathway

Foundations of Coffee

Barista Pathway

Coffee Buyer Pathway

Coffee Taster Pathway

Roaster Pathway


“The picture of long-term sustainability for our industry is not complete without examining environmental implications.”
John Oughtred Jr.

Sustainability means more to us than recycling and energy efficiency – it’s a core value of our business. While big steps have been made over the last decade, we’re constantly exploring possibilities for improvement to reduce our global and community footprints.

Although we like our coffee hot, global warming isn’t quite our style, so Oughtred Coffee & Tea is a proudly certified Carbon Neutral company.

Since 2009, our company has successfully reduced our carbon footprint by 53% and counting.


An unwavering commitment to education and training has helped us establish dedicated customer service. Coffee is a social commodity with a human touch, and our services should be no different.

Our latest endeavour in customer experience improvements is the addition of coffee subscriptions through our online retail sites.

We pride ourselves on the relationships built with our customers and partners, striving to ensure the highest level of satisfaction with everyone who is part of our journey.

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Fostering the growth and awareness of specialty coffee through education, customer service, relationships and sustainability.