"The picture of long-term sustainability for our industry is not complete without examining environmental implications." - John Oughtred

We believe that sustainability is about more than recycling and energy efficiency. For our company, it has been a journey to a new approach to business. With the perspective of people, planet and profit priorities, we have shifted ‘business as usual’ at our business, and through our supply chain. These values are now driven into the core of how we do business. While we have made great strides in the past 6 years, there is always more to e done and we continue to reduce our environmental impact while promoting community well-being every year.  

Operating as a sustainable company has helped us reduce costs, create a happier and more engaged work environment, improve marketability, and build a stronger community within our supply chain. 

  • Our plan to become a Carbon Neutral coffee and tea supplier started in 2008, before there was any real model to follow. Working with local sustainability experts at Synergy Enterprises, a series of simple green actions transformed into a comprehensive sustainability program, enabling us to reduce emissions, develop an award-winning recycling program, reduce energy and natural gas use and become a local leader in environmental business practices.
  • As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the Oughtred Sustainability Program focuses on consistently and measurably improving our environmental performance.

    Each year we measure our carbon footprint, conduct sustainability audits and set goals to reduce our environmental impact.

    Annual Sustainability ReportThis third-party report measures our carbon footprint comparing performance to previous years. We use this report to set carbon reduction goals and offset the remainder of our emissions.

    Green Champions- Green Champions at each location identify and implement actions to reduce energy usage, water consumption and waste generation. 

    Annual Sustainability Audits- Annual audits are conducted by Green Champions to ensure our high standards of environmental performance are met or exceeded.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Download our full Corporate Social Responsibility Report here...