Oughtred is committed to the Triple Bottom Line. People - Planet - Profit
  • At Oughtred, we feel it is important to do what we can to support the communities we work in both at home and abroad. That is why we developed the Oughtred Coffee Trust.

    Each year, we choose a project to help support the communities in which we work. 

    2014 - Island Java Bags is a local social enterprise focused on upcycling coffee bags into purses, totes and growler carriers. We purchased an industrial sewing machine for this organization which has allowed them to work with tougher materials and increase production - resulting in a new part time job for a mother of a child with special needs.

    2014 - The Food Eco District (FED) is a local non-profit developing a sustainable food district in downtown Victoria. Oughtred supplied the funds to build the first three culinary gardens in the Fort Common, which produces local herbs and greens. Check out the feature on ShawTV!

    2013 - Jardin School, Colombia is a small rural school in the coffee growing region of Jardin. In cooperation with other local businesses and community organizations, Oughtred helped rebuild the roof on the aging local school to save it from being shut down. The 150 year old school was to be replaced by a school in a distant town, limiting the access to education for coffee farming families. The new roof allowed the school to remain open and secured local education for the next generation.

    2012 - Soccer Field, Tarrazu - Costa Rica, in conjunction with a local organization located in Bustamonte, Costa Rica we helped rebuild the playing field where many of the local coffee farmers and workers played their weekend soccer matches. The game of soccer is very important to the people of Central and South America and has become a very important outlet for the community in small rural towns of their respective countries.


  • Our business is built upon the unique relationships we’ve developed with growers from Central America, South America and Africa. By operating with the direct trade model we:

    • Build reciprocal relationships with our individual producers
    • Create economic opportunities for small-scale producers
    • Encourage farmers to harvest more sustainably, resulting in a closed-loop process fueling machinery with up to 85% parchment waste rather than wood
    • Improve coffee growing practices and raise the standard coffee production
    With the cooperation of our growing partners around the world, we support a "fairly traded" principal. This value‐added system ensures fair wages are paid to our workers and that any purchases we make are done so at a premium price.
  • As a family-based business on Vancouver Island, we believe in building strong communities - getting involved and lending support wherever it is needed. We support over 100 groups including the Single Parent Resource Centre, the Women's Transition House and the MS Society, contributing over $60,000 and countless volunteer hours over 5 years. 


    At Oughtred, we are dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the community and sharing our knowledge. Presenting to local businesses and students, we share our passion about green operations and the triple-bottom-line framework. We have also participated in the University of Victoria’s Workplace Skills Conference to educate youth on the importance of sustainability for business. In partnership with the Black Stilt Coffeehouse, we co-authored the Seed to Cup Coffee Book. With over 750 copies distributed, the book illustrates the process of growing, shipping, and roasting coffee in a sustainable manner.