Climate Action

"Our company shifted gears in 2008 when we set the goal of becoming carbon neutral. What seemed like a lofty target has now become core to how we operate." –John Oughtred
  • Oughtred is a certified Carbon Neutral company. Each year we measure our carbon footprint, work to reduce our emissions and offset what remains. Though we have grown, we have been able to achieve significant reductions in our total carbon footprint by diligently managing our operations in a way thar minimizes the use of natural resources.




    Being Carbon Neutral is about taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and taking real action to reduce it. In 2009 we started tracking our environmental performance as a key indicator of our business success. We set a goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 20% over two year and exceeded that goal by four percent in the first year. We have since reduced our overall carbon footprint by 33%!

    We purchase verified carbon offsets from Offsetters, based in Vancouver. Our investments support projects that reduce carbon emissions and would not otherwise occur without outside funding. Check out the projects here.

  • Since 2009, we have consistently reduced our impact on the environment. This is a direct result of our energy, waste, transportation and sustainable sourcing programs. The result is a 33% reduction in our carbon emissions!






    • Installed heat recapturing technology to re-route to warm the plant
    • Reduced electricity consumption by 12.7%, or ~33,600 kW/year
    • Installed motion sensors saving ~1400 kWh/year
    • Diesel consumption reduced by 28.9% since 2009




    • Installed IT system that reduced paper usage by over 11.4%
    • Banned all junk mail and set printing to double-sided as default
    • Collect one-sided paper to use as staff notes
    • Switched to 100% post- consumer paper


    • Installed 7-stream recycling at roasting facility, warehouse, and offices
    • Victoria office alone diverts over 11,000 kg of waste from the landfill each year
    • 68% overall waste diversion rate in 2013


    • Introduced the Oughtred Sustainable Coffee Series, a unique collection of responsibly sources coffees from around the world
    • Launched the Sustainable In-Room series for use in hotels
    • Offer Ecotainer compostable to-go products




    • Replaced aging delivery vehicles with Hybrid Prius Models 
    • Replaced inefficient GMC vans with Dodge Sprinter model (use 30% less fuel)
    • Use video-conferencing to reduce travel emissions
    • Green bean shipping route alternatives Used route optimization technologies to reduce vehicle emissions




    • Replaced bleach and soaps with biodegradable and refillable products
    • Use low-VOC paints in renovations
    • Switched to supplying local brands of boxes (Langley), coffee bags and film (BC), soy milk (Oregon), Chai (Vancouver) to support our local economies and reduce transportation emissions