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Oughtred Coffee & Tea is proud to act as the preferred distribution partner for the following quality beverage brands in Western Canada.

Although coffee forms the life blood of our company, we strive to provide our customers with a range of beverage solutions beyond a cup of specialty coffee. Over the last four decades, we have worked hard to develop relationships with some of the world's most highly recognizable beverage brands. Chocolate Sauces, Chai Concentrates, Dairy Alternatives, Flavouring Syrups...are just some of the items that our customers rely on us to help them complete their menu boards. We hope you find our list of alternative beverage partners to be amongst the best in world...

  • Arguably the best syrup manufacturer in the world today, Oughtred's relationship with Monin dates back to the year 1995. Back then, Monin manufactured all of its syrups in the quaint town of Bourges, France. Importation of this popular European syrup brand was both costly and time consuming. We remember the process taking over 2 months from the moment we ordered the product before it arrived at our warehouse in British Columbia. Times have certainly changed as Monin now boasts a state of the art manufacturing facility in Clearwater, Florida to support the North American market along with two, world class eduction centers in both Clearwater and Dallas. Education and quality, two things that help Monin remain steps ahead of the competition and why we have remained loyal partners since 1995. For more information about the company, please visit their website at:

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  • As mentioned above, our relationship with Monin dates back to 1996. Originally, Monin had developed a co-branded, marketing campaign with Ghirardelli to help launch their ultimate mocha series. It was well received and had good success until Ghirardelli was purchased by Lindt (Chocolatiers) who unfortunately did not see the benefit of such a partnership. As a result, Monin got to work on developing a Chocolate Sauce program that would live up to the quality standards of their discerning customers. Today, Monin Chocolate Sauces are regarded for their tremendous quality and flavour and we are proud to offer this program to our customers. To learn more about the Monin Chocolate program please visit their website at:

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  • We first discovered The Chai Company and partners Chris and Brendon back when the company (and brand) were in the initial stages of their launch, in January of 2004. Based out of Edmonton at the time, Chris and Brendon had created a chain of tea houses but saw a bigger opportunity to develop a more authentic, chai based concentrate to rival the best selling (although extremely sweet version) brand in North America at the time, Oregon Chai. From there, I recall providing Chris with recommendations for a suitable warehouse for the future production of their concentrate as the company considered a move from Alberta west to Delta, BC. The Chai Company still resides out of that warehouse (just down the street from us) and is still producing one of the best tasting Chai Concentrates that we know. The only difference now is that the Chai Company shows similarities to their old rival Oregon Chai (not the sweet part) in that they are now a market leader in the production of Chai in North America. To learn more about their company please click on the link below:


    We carry two of the more popular selling items from the Chai Company:


    Authentic Chai

    100% Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher




    Rooibos Decaffeinated Chai

    100% Organic, Kosher, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free



  • For over 25 years, Pacific Foods has had three simple philosophies at the heart of their business's success: Transparency, Sustainability and Quality. These three core values mirror that of our own company and when we started to investigate companies that could produce consistent, dairy alternatives for our customers, Pacific Foods provided the perfect strategic partnership. We love their focus on using non-GMO ingredients that can be certified to source from many of their local farming neighbors in Oregon State. To learn more about their various initiatives please visit their website at:

    Currently we import two of their non dairy beverage products:

    Pacific Barista Series Soy Beverage

    Pacific Organic Unsweetened Almond Vanilla

  • For over 25 years, the Gormley Family of Vermont, USA have been producing some of the finest spiced cider concentrates we have ever tasted. From their family owned apple orchid in the foothills of the Proctor Village Forest comes a family recipe for all natural apple cider that is a pure as it comes. Local apples boiled down and mixed with a traditional blend of natural spices to compliment the flavour. That's it, pure and simple. To learn more about their company, please visit their website at:
  • As part of our companies sustainable procurement strategy, we are always looking for opportunities to work with local manufacturers capable of producing the products and qualities that match our requirements. When it comes to paper products, we are fortunate to work with three such local companies that all manufacture in Canada:

    Solo Branded Cups

    Genpak Paper Cups

    Tork Recycled Napkins

    To find out more about our local paper product solutions (both private label and branded options available), please contact our .

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