John Oughtred (Jr) Takes on the Okanagan

"Where there is great food and great wine, there is also a need for great coffee" - John Oughtred

The Okanagan is not only an incredible place to live, it has a growing culinary scene and world-class tourism.

Oughtred Coffee & Tea has been proudly serving the Okanagan region for 15 years and in September, 2016, John Oughtred, co-owner of Oughtred Coffee & Tea, moved to Kelowna to focus on expanding Oughtred’s services in the region. 

Kelowna is the fastest growing city in British Columbia, with a buzzing coffee scene. Bean Scene has been around from the mid 90s and is steadily growing. Third Space Coffee, one of Kelowna's local cafes, recently secured the #1 spot of Buzzfeed's list of best Canadian Coffee Shops! Kelowna is also moving up the list of BCBusiness' best cities for work in BC and is now #4!
John's move to the Okanagan brings over 20 years of coffee experience to the region. John has spent countless hours searching the globe for the highest quality coffee available, and has also trained hundreds of baristas and restaurant staff in the art of brewing high quality coffee. Oughtred's small-batch, precision roasting (in two high-tech Loring Roasters), and experienced team ensures our coffees are as high quality as the wine the Okanagan is famous for.