The Burlap Projects

Green beans are shipped to our Roasting Works in heavy duty burlap bags. Too fibrous to be compostable and too valuable to be considered waste, we sort and donate over 8,000 bags every year. 

Interested in getting some free burlap for a project of your own? Contact our sustainability team at

Check out our top 4 burlap projects!

1)    Island Java Bags – Up-cycling extraordinaire, Jackie Kitzler, takes our burlap sacs and turns them into trendy backpacks, totes, growler carriers and more.

2)    Local Gardens – Burlap is used by many local gardeners for protecting plants, mulch, container liners, transplanting and storage!

3)    Restaurant Décor – The Village Restaurants commissioned table cloths from Island Java Bags for all three of their locations: Torquay, Estavan and Royal Oak.

4)    Green Roofs – In Shawnigan lake, homes were built using burlap to create a matting for plant to grow on the rooftops.

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