Oughtred joins Think Local First #YYJ

This group is amazing. Fricken Fantastic. Local, independent businesses, banding together to build a vibrant Victoria. Count us in! Think Local First (TLF) members are fiercely loyal to our community and when we support local businesses, amazing things happen…

  1. Our dollars stay in our community. Local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses meaning your $$ circulates in Victoria 3 or 4 times more than when you shop at stores with owners/shareholders who live abroad.
  2. People get better jobs. Better wages, better benefits, better lives.
  3. More variety = more stability. Economies are stronger when they are supported by a wide variety of industries. Tech/tourism/production, hip/classic/trendy/eco-friendly, Victoria has some of the coolest shops and businesses around!

So what makes Think Local First (TLF) different from other local business groups? What is Local? Based on extensive research into other successful buy/think local groups, TLF created this criteria for members:

  • The business is privately held.
  • Business owners (totalling greater than 50% of the business ownership) live in Greater Victoria.
  • Business is located and registered in the Greater Victoria Area (between Sooke and Sidney).
  • Business has the ability to make independent decisions related to location, purchasing, business practices, distribution, and marketing.
  • Business pays all its own expenses, including rent and marketing expenses, without direct assistance from a corporate headquarters.
  • Businesses located in Greater Victoria that meet all the criteria above except for having 50% of the business ownership living in Greater Victoria may be considered for membership by the Board provided that 50% of the business owners live on Vancouver Island.
  • Business must agree to operate with ethical business practices and to make an effort to provide a high level of customer service.

Check out www.thinklocalvicotira.com to see the full list of members and follow/like Think Local First on social media to stay connected!

Facebook: /ShopLocalVictoria

Twitter: @shoplocalyyj

Instagram: thinklocalfirstyyj