Finca Siberia | Natural Orange Bourbon, El Salvador
Introducing our latest, direct trade arrival from Rafael and Carmen Silva | Finca Siberia, Apaneca-Llamatapec, El Salvador.
Finca Siberia has been in the capable hands of the Silva family since the late 1800's. Located in Cerro El Aguila Canton, between Santa Ana and Chalchuapa on one of the highest volcanic slopes of the Apaneca-Llamatapec mountain range, an area famous for producing some of the countries finest Cup of Excellence coffees. Cooler climates are prevalent at these higher elevations (1450 MASL) where this Orange Bourbon flourishes. The colder weather causes a slower maturation of the fruit yielding a denser seed with vibrant acidity. The coffee is then transported to Sicafe (Silva owned mill) where the fruit is allowed to dry in a natural process on raised beds creating an amazingly sweet and fruity cup. Click here to read more.