Oughtred & The Village - Partners in Sustainability

Our friends at The Village are doing more for the community than just serving up great food.

For the last three years, Oughtred and The Village Cafés have shared a passion for delicious coffee and amazing food. With locations in Royal Oak and Estevan Village, The Village serves up some of Victoria’s best brunches (their latke bennies are the best)! We recently connected them with Island Java Bags to have custom burlap table cloths designed from our coffee bags and not long after, heard that they have started on their own journey to sustainability. 

“I always looked to Oughtred as a great example of what sustainable business could be. Hearing about the steps they have taken in the last few years to reduce their impact inspired us to take on that challenge at The Village,” says Jason Chan, one of the cafe owners.

The Village has joined some other great local restaurants as a member of Victoria’s Food Eco District (FED), an organization that aims to create a community of sustainable restaurants. Over the next few years, The Village will be working to reduce carbon emissions and grow some of their own food. Their first garden was installed this summer, and provides the restaurants with herbs, greens, and berries.