The Team

It may go without saying but the ownership of Oughtred Coffee & Tea will be the first to attribute a lot of their successes to the devotion and dedication of its employees.
"It is a social business and people are at the forefront of this dyanmic industry" insists CEO Michael Oughtred. "Without good people, we are simply an idea without direction or support". Whether discussing the reliance of trained people to ensure the coffee cherries are picked at the peak of their ripeness or helping deliver a high level customer service standard that Oughtred believes separates their company from the competition, the difference makers are always good people. "We have been fortunate over the last 40 plus years to have so many dedicated people involved in our companies growth and we consider ourselves one big family". Below are a few of the faces that make up the Oughtred Family:
  • Michael Oughtred

    CEO/Coffee Buyer

    John Oughtred


    Sandy Klassen

    CFO/Admin Leader
    At the helm of Oughtred, Michael, with brother JP, took over the company from their father in 2013. In his role as Director of Coffee, Michael is responsible for all of the coffee's procurement and quality controls at the roasting facility in addition to leading the companies sales and marketing departments. With a BA from University of Western Ontario, and a business diploma from the University of Victoria, Michael describes his tenure with the company as a ‘life sentence’, but in a good way. His favourite way to start the morning is to brew either a pour over or espro press of the seasons freshest, micro lot offering.
    Co-owner with brother Michael since 2013, John's main priority is to lead the companies operational team however, it must be noted that he was also the companies first dedicated "green champion". John's vision and dedication helped ensure Oughtred Coffee & Tea achieved Carbon Neutral status back in 2009 but his work did not stop there. Since 2009, John has continued to help find ways for our company to further reduce the our footprint each subsequent year, resulting in multiple awards and recognition for our company. John's favourite coffee of choice is a good shot of espresso; ristretto if pulled properly.
    It’s hard to find a more dedicated company champion than Sandy -- her more than 28 years with Oughtred have made her an expert on all aspects of the business. From overseeing the administrative and human resources teams to preparing financial statements, Sandy excels at left-brain and right-brain functions throughout Oughtred. Her diploma in business administration focused on accounting and computing has served her well in the various roles she has held within this dynamic company. A valued member of the strategic planning team, Sandy also supervises the roasting plant costing and administration. She treats herself to a good quality black drip coffee in the morning and a Harney & Sons Teas in the afternoon
  • Nelson Teskey

    Director of Manufacturing

    Ryan Sinclair

    Corporate Operations Manager

    Louis Li

    Corporate IT Manager
    Nelson has more than 15 years working in the specialty coffee industry, having joined Oughtred in June 2016. Nelson was one of the first Q Graders in Canadian history and is still actively involved volunteering his time as a judge and educator both locally and internationally. Nelson's favourite coffee is one that is made with care and attention and served often...
    Ryan is certainly no stranger to Oughtred Coffee & Tea and has already accumulated over 15 years of operational management experience in his young career. With a keen understanding of logistics and inventory management, Ryan has naturally assumed the role of Operations Manager at Oughtred Coffee & Tea. After graduating from Saint Michaels, Ryan went on to study business management at before taking on a leadership role in our company. Ryan expresses a particular affinity towards dark roast coffees and can often be found brewing up another thermos of our Fair Trade Organic Rocket Fuel to help keep the team moving.
    Louis is responsible for bringing Oughtred into the digital era creating time saving technological systems so that more time can be spent on important business development tasks rather than old school date entry.  With a Bachelor of Commerce and a professional accounting diploma, Louis’ 10 years with Oughtred have focused on using IT systems to advance efficiency in the company. He drinks coffee from Central America and is especially keen on Guatemala Flor del Café.
  • Titus Varga

    Account Manager - Lower Mainland

    Jon Patterson

    Account Manager - Vancouver Island

    Kevin Pasman

    Head Roaster - Roasting Works
    Jon has worked in the specialty coffee industry since he was 17 years old. As one of Canada's youngest Q Graders, Jon has found his passion with helping educate his loyal customers. Jon can often be found wondering the best cafe's of Vancouver Island and loves a well executed cappaccino.
    Stay tuned...
  • Norman Gallano

    Production Supervisor

    Tim Parcher

    Operations Manager - Vancouver Island

    Tony Zupanic

    Customer Service - Vancouver Island
    Norman works on the day-to-day operations of Oughtred’s roasting facility where thousands of pounds of coffee is roasted each week. Following his studies of operations management in industrial engineering at BCIT, Norman worked for an art and design company specializing in high-end décor products sold worldwide. Now with Oughtred for more than six years, he ensures quality control and management of raw materials for the roasting plant. His favourite coffee is Guatemalan La Flor De Café.
    Fuelled by cappuccino, Tony has managed and enhanced customer relationships at Oughtred for more then 20 years. An obvious people-person, he had eight years of retail management experience prior to joining Oughtred. Tony studied business management at BCIT and has been able to put his specialized skill-set to work in helping to grow Oughtred into what it is today. 
  • Kultar Randhawa

    Operations Manager - Lower Mainland
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