Our Expertise

To say we have been around the block a few times would be an understatement. Over the last 41 years, we have seen many a trend come and go however, one thing that has never ceased to amaze is the continued growth and sophistication of the specialty coffee market.
From bottomless cups of low grade coffee served in the cafe's of yesteryear to the emergence of third wave coffee and beyond, there is little question about the constant state of flux that defines the specialty coffee market since the early 1970's. It hasn't always proven easy to navigate these ever changing markets and trends but as a company with quality and customer service at its core, our unwavering commitment to education and training has helped us remain a market leader for over four decades. Our team of dedicated experts possess the knowledge and expertise required to deliver customized solutions meant to exceed the exacting standards of our diverse customer base.
  • To create exceptional coffee isn't an accident, it is the result of a long and arduous journey of discovery, partnership, attention to detail and care.

    Our journey in coffee has taken us across many decades and continents; into many roasting works, cupping labs, coffee bars, milling operations, finca's and board rooms; we have met so many interesting people along the way, each providing us with another opportunity to exchange stories over a cup of coffee, game of "sappo" or if lucky, a taste of Zacappa.

    Our experiences have helped shape our perspective on the complex and ever-changing world of specialty coffee. Our role as a roaster and educator defined by the lessons learned along the path. We are extremely grateful for the partnerships developed with growers and millers across the globe, whose tireless work ethic and commitment to quality is forever inspiring.

    The journey has also established a great sense of responsibility as we look to unlock the exceptional qualities inherent in the coffees we import. To ensure the chain of custody is honoured and that we pay forward all the hard work of our partners.

    Our journey is not over but just beginning, as we continue to provide our customers with the highest quality specialty coffees from around the world.

  • Customer Service can be defined as "a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction". Seems simple enough right? However, we often see in today's fast paced, technology driven economy that customer service often gets lost in the shuffle as efficiencies and computers replace the requirement for human interaction and good old fashioned service.

    Coffee is a social commodity that is heavily reliant on human efforts along the entire chain of custody. Their is something nostalgic about coffee that stirs the senses and human emotions.

    At Oughtred, we are connected and engaged with people at every step of our process and as such, believe in providing our customers with a standard of Customer Service that is of the highest level. We pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with our customers/partners and will work to ensure the highest satisfaction is achieved by everyone that we work with.